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Chassis Specifics

Alain Fricker was the first off-road car builder to bring the 5 link rear suspension design to this industry. Since Drakart began in 1998 all our off-road cars have been built with 5 Link Rear Suspension. The me too group of production UTV manufacturers quickly discovered the benefits of the 5 Link Rear Suspension and now use it in their production vehicles as well. They say there is no bigger compliment than when others immitate what you are doing.

Our chassis design and geometry incorporates 29 years of knowledge building off-road cars originally designed to handle the rigors of racing. We still build cars that way. We use tubular chromoly, with full welds, no spot welds.

This is the solid base on which we add quality components, like adjustable Simpson Seats w/5 Point Harnesses, our patented transfer case with reverse and, of course, the "Busa" motor.

Now, because our cars are being purchased for weekend trails and sand dunes as well as racing, we are also concious of creature comforts and ergonomics.

For example, you may have already read elswhere about our Infinitely Adjustable Steering that you can tune... "On The Fly". A radial dial on the dash allows you to feel when the steering is best for you. The knob is close at hand, simple to operate and stays set even if very rough conditions.

Our foot pedals are also adjustable front to back so you can set them where they are most comfortable for you.

Our Simpson seats are another important ergonomic creature comfort feature. Our seats are adjustable front to back so that different height drivers can drive the same car. When you purchase your new Drakart Off-Road Car tell us about the drivers and we'll take it from there.

We approach every build from the point of view of a racer. Racers need durable, quality, dependable and reliable components that compliment their driving abilities. Take a test ride in a Drakart off-road car and experience this for yourself.
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