Off-Road Race Car

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Our FIA,SCORE and B.I.T.D. Legal Race Car offers excellent performance and reliability on the race course.

Reliability and durability are expected so the driver can concentrate on using his skill to win the race.

Today, that isn't always the case. After a hard fought battle many production UTV's show signs of fatigue and start breaking down just short of the race finish line.

When this happens it's often the mechanics who win races because a running car is a winning car. It's no longer about the skill of the driver but the skill of the mechanic that won the race.

Don't let this happen to you!

Our Drakart Race Cars are race proven so you can be confident to not only finish the race but showcase your driving skills by earning your place on the podium.

Component failures can happen but are far less likely when your race car company uses premium components like the ones used in our Drakart Off-Road Race Cars.

Are you serious about winning? This car must be experienced to be believed. Only then will you understand how we can make these claims.