Scorpion X2

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Fun in a Scorpion X2

Because we build only the finest, most reliable off-road cars it only makes sense that we would only use the finest motor available. The Busa 1300 CC Gen 1 and the 1340 CC Gen 2 Motors far outperform other motors on the market. Our cars have earned a respectable name when it comes to the utv class. Throwing down larger numbers of horsepower than any other utv, stronger drivetrains that are chain and gear driven (vs belts on our competitors cars) and a proven chromolly tube chassis. An upgrade to the 1441 CC Busa and you get the most powerful Scorpion available. Thrills are hard to convey in words or even video. A driver really has to experience the difference in person.
more reliable
From the foundation of the best motor available on the market we add chain drive for reliability. With the Drakart Transfer Case with Reverse we add utility and reliability. Our transfer cases can soak up the brute power of the Busa motor and reverse gives drivers the confidence to navigate any terrain. Not only do you not have to worry about changing a belt while enjoying your day but reverse gear gives you a lot of choices about where you can drive.  The peace-of-mind knowing that a broken belt breakdown is not an eventuality removes that nagging possibility from your day in the dirt, sand or race track. Experience it for yourself.
          More fun        
Add to that the thrill of flying across the desert or dunes in some of the roughest terrain and the smiles never seem to end. Getting back to the rig everyone will have their own accounts of the trip and you can be sure your friends and family will be looking forward to the next fun day in your Drakart off-road X2 car. Schedule your test ride today.

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