Scorpion X4

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More Fun in A Scorpion X4

Bring the whole family or a group of friends when you own a Scorpion X4. With the awesome power of The Busa 1300 CC Gen 1 and the 1340 CC Gen 2 Motors far outperform other motors on the market and carry 4 passengers at speeds across any terrain at a delightful pace the whole family will enjoy. You may now have a new title, "Crazy Dad" or just plain "Crazy..." With our race proven motor and transmission combinations and our Chain and Gear Drive you can have fun driving and venturing far from your vehicle without a concern for changing a belt or having another component failure. Our cars are built better than any production Off-Road Car or UTV available. Thrills are hard to convey in words or even video. A driver really has to experience the difference in person.
more reliable
Reliability is always key when venturing out into the desert or the dunes. If you have a vehicle that is limited by potential belt failure you may choose not to venture far from your truck or van. Limiting the places you and your family can go safely. Drakart builds it's cars with some of the finest components available so you concentrate on having as much fun as possible. That means gears and chains. Remember you also have reverse in our UTV's so getting out of tough spot is a piece of cake. The peace-of-mind knowing that a broken belt breakdown is not an eventuality removes that nagging possibility from your day in the dirt, sand or race track. Give our Scorpion X4 serious consideration when you are in the market for a new or 1st UTV. Just one test-ride and you will understand.
          More fun        
Imagine the thrill of flying across the desert or dunes in some of the roughest terrain with friends and family on board and the smiles never seem to end. Family and friends will have great stories to tell when you get back to the truck and when they are hanging with their friends. You can be sure your friends and family will be looking forward to the next fun day in your Drakart Scorpion X4. Schedule your test ride today.

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