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Comfortable and Ergonomic

When you or the trail or in the dunes this is "home". We have included a great deal of comfort and efficiency in our cockpit as you will soon see.

For example, you may have already read elswhere about our Infinitely Adjustable Steering that you can tune in "On The Fly". A radial dial on the dash allows you to feel when the steering is best for you and the knob is close at hand, ergonomically very comfortable to reach.

Our foot pedals are also adjustable front to back so you can set them where they are most comfortable and easily reached.

Seats are another important ergonomic creature comfort. Featuring Simpson Seats our seats are adjustable front to back so that different height drivers can drive the same car. When you purchase your new Drakart Off-Road Car tell us about the drivers and we'll take it from there.

Next to safety and reliability Drakart wants you to enjoy the ride as well. So jump in, get comfortable and...

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