The "Busa" Motor

The demanding performance and reliability standards of  of a Winning Off-Road Car sets it apart from available Production Off-Road Cars. Drakart Scorpions, Race Cars and Pre-Runners use the best engine available.

The Busa 1300 Gen 1 and the Busa 1340 Gen2. With these as our base model motor we build fast, fun, reliable and durable off-road cars. Let's have a look at the "HEART" of the Drakart off-road car line up The "Busa" Motor.

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Busa Power

At the heart of every Drakart Off-Road Car is the Busa Gen 1 or Gen 2 Motor. The fastest production 4 cylinder motorcycle engine for over 10 years. With this as our starting point you can jump to over 250 HP by boring the cylinders to 1441 C.C.'s. With the Drakart line of Off-Road Cars there is no need for a turbo. With speeds that take your breath away over virtually any terrain you will quickly find yourself ahead of the pack with your riding terrain shrinking quickly.

Gen 1 Motor

Stock our 1300 C.C. Gen 1 base Busa motor puts out an estimated 195 HP. It will send our cars blitzing across the trails or dunes, with ease, even over the rough stuff. Our chain drive ensures that power gets to the wheels reliably.  Drakart dirt cars are easy and fun to drive.

Gen 2 Motor

The Gen 2 Busa Motor delivers  an estimated 212 HP at 1340 CC's. Keeping our cars flying across the desert or dunes and keeping your friends and family grinning from ear. An additional 17 HP is worth the upgrade.

Upgraded 1441 CC Busa

Top of the line Busa Power makes over 250 HP. Carrying our light weight off-road cars at top speeds over the desert and in the dunes. If you race you have the tool that will test your driving skills. You have what you need to win. Our cars travel at speeds the competition cannot hit unless heavily modified reducing reliability. In addition, the competition chooses to use belt drive technology that further complicates reliability.

Wossner Upgrade

In the world of competitive off-road you need every advantage available. If you are looking for the very best components look no further than Drakart, Inc. to supply the very best parts for it's off-road cars. Wossner is a world leader in performance Cylinders, Pistons and heads for all forms of motorized competition. We choose to offer a Wossner Cylinder, piston and head upgrade to the discerning off-roader.